Make Argentina Great Again

Cartoon published 11/21/2023

Here is some good news for a change: Libertarian economist Javier Milei was elected as president of Argentina, a country that used to be among the richest in the world. Now it is wracked with ruin due to decades of destructive socialist policies that ruined prosperity and led to massive inflation. Argentinians now carry around bricks of paper money in order to pay for lunch. 

We listened to Tucker Carlson’s interview with Milei and we found ourselves in complete agreement with his policies. He knows that socialist control of the economy always leads to totalitarianism. We marveled at his intelligence and his quotes from Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and Milton Friedman. We finally have a good guy as president of a major country in the world.

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We need to be implementing his plan in America. We have too much statism and intrusive government. If we let the trend continue, we will have no freedom or prosperity left at all—only a massive dictatorial government bent on total control. (As in Xi’s China). Trump knows this, which makes his reelection imperative.

Naturally the left’s collectivist heads exploded here in America. They immediately hurled their usual insults toward Milei, but they can only bark “Nazi” so many times before it becomes meaningless—and it has. Besides, those same leftists support a dictator in Ukraine who employs real Nazis in his military. They ignore that fact.

Congratulations to Milei and Godspeed. May your endeavor to make Argentina great again be a resounding success!

— Ben Garrison