Trump Ruffles Nikki Haley’s Feathers

Cartoon published 12/04/2023

Trump is good at drumming up nicknames for his opponents. Back in 2016 he labeled Jeb Bush, “Low energy Jeb.” People were already tired of the Bush dynasty, but that tag summed up Jeb nicely. His campaign steadily declined thereafter. He called Marco Rubio, “Little Marco.” It was devastating to his campaign. His Democrat opponent was “Crooked Hillary,” which summed her up to a ’T.’ Few are more dastardly and crooked than Hillary Clinton.

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Trump was the first to label Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.” It stuck. Pete Buttigieg became “Alfred E. Newman.” When Ron DeSantis began campaigning for 2024, Trump switched from “DeSanctimonious” to “Meatball.” Ron has a round head and lacks sharpness in his speech delivery, so it fits—and his polling numbers haven’t been the same since.

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Nikki Haley has made progress in the polls, so Trump promptly affixed to her the insult, “Bird brain.” Haley said she laughed it off (chirped it off?) and claimed it meant she was a real threat to Trump. Yet judging from the polls, she remains hopelessly behind. Also, judging her behavior on the debate stage, it surely must have ruffled her feathers.

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The neocon RINOs may have noticed that Ron’s poll numbers are sagging while Haley’s numbers are starting to take wing. Therefore they are now channeling some money her way. Especially since her species resembles a bird of the UniParty Swamp. Former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has allegedly been cheerleading other Republican leaders into sending money toward Haley so she could wet her beak. Soon she will no doubt receive millions of cracker$.

The Deep State Swamp recognizes one of their own. They want Haley. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

Nikki want a cracker?

— Ben Garrison

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