Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has a plan to confiscate guns in his state. He uses the usual friendly catchwords such as “common sense” gun control and “gun safety” and the “enough is enough” argument.

In order to ‘help’ people, the authoritarians insist on trampling on our Constitution, which they consider an antique standing in the way of their power. They bypass our Bill of Rights by enacting their own laws. Laws limiting free speech. Laws that steal your hard-earned money. Laws that take away your ability to defend yourself and your family. Laws that prevent you from resisting government tyranny.

In order to take away freedom, the Virginia governor and his Democrat-controlled legislature plan on banning on ‘assault’ weapons as well as limiting handgun purchases.

This should come as no surprise—especially considering that Northam is aligned with the billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

For decade the left have conducted gun control in seemingly small and ‘reasonable’ steps. This kind of incrementalism will lead to a total gun ban and an end to our Second Amendment. This is what the globalists, the UN, and Democrats want. Once we’re disarmed, it will be over and our slavery will become complete.

It is the duty of all citizens to defend our rights. When tyrants want to trample on our rights with their ‘laws’ (that cannot usurp our Constitution) then it’s our duty to speak out loudly against such laws and actively disobey them. I commend the patriots in Virginia who are declaring their counties to be ‘sanctuaries’ for the Second Amendment.

Our Fourth Amendment is already gone. They want to limit our free speech with their damnable ‘hate speech’ laws. They want control over our health with their damnable mandatory vaccination laws. They want our guns. Our weapons are our last defense against a capriciously insane government that tramples on our freedom.

The gun grab in Virginia is a trial balloon, a test of America’s resolve to protect our second amendment.

It’s time to rebel against the tyrants.


—Ben Garrison


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