Gavin Newsom Proves He Is The Most Anti-American Governor In The Country

Cartoon published 06/12/2023

California governor Gavin Newsom recently called for the enactment of a 28th Amendment that would raise the minimum age to buy a firearm to 21. Under his reign, 18 year olds would no longer be able to buy a gun, but children much younger than 18 can be talked into undergoing sexual mutilation under the ruse of ‘gender affirming care.’ California also passed a law that protects shoplifters. Newsom destroyed San Francisco and then his entire state, yet for some reason he thinks he’s presidential material.

But I digress.

Newsom’s amendment would also impose a longer waiting period on gun purchases—perhaps as long as 30 days, as well as a ban on assault weapons. Assault weapons will be determined to be whatever authoritarians such as Gavin says they are.

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Newsom has already been driving hard to allow more government control of guns in California. He signed bills that included more regulations on gun dealers. Clearly Gavin would like to see the complete demise of our 2nd Amendment, but he knows this is not currently possible. Like all gun control nuts, he’d rather slowly chip away at our gun rights and eventually make it inevitable that they are all taken away.

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‘Hairdo’ Newsom is constantly in the limelight now because he is seen by the Marxist Democrats as a logical replacement for Biden in 2024. The Deep State Swamp Democrats certainly don’t want the far more reasonable and respected RFK Jr. to get the nomination—especially since Bobby Jr. has said he supports the Second Amendment and has come out against gun control.

— Ben Garrison

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