SCOTUS: Affirmative Action Is Unconstitutional

Cartoon published 06/30/2023

The US Supreme Court has ruled against so-called “affirmative action,’ saying it’s unconstitutional. It was the right decision. Getting into prestigious colleges will no longer depend on race, but rather on merit.

For far too long, too many white and Asian students with top-notch grades and credentials were getting turned down in favor of black students who did not have commensurate qualifications. This is actually a disservice to those black students. Imagine one who did study hard and made the best grades, scored highest on SAT tests, and got accepted to say…Harvard. That student will unfairly thought to be accepted for skin color rather than merit. Unfair labels such as ‘diversity hire’ will be applied. People will have lower expectations. Such artificially created low expectations applied to blacks is of course, racist and such racism is perpetuated by the Democrat Party and the legacy news media.

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Instead, if admissions are merit-based, everyone will be treated equally. True equality means everyone has equal opportunity. There are no guaranteed results. 

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The race-baiter crowd is out in force and screaming ‘racism’ and unfair treatment, but this is to be expected. They should be ignored. Biden’s reaction showed gross disrespect for the decision by saying it was not a ‘normal court.’ Well, Biden is not a normal president. He is a figure selected for the White House by means of election fraud.

In terms of merit, Biden deserves prison, not the presidency.

Lock Him Up!

— Ben Garrison

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