Biden’s State Of The Union 2024

Cartoon published 03/07/2024

Joe Biden was installed as president due to election fraud. Under the influence of amphetamines, he will make a State Of The Union speech this evening. I’m jumping the gun by posting this cartoon, but it sums up what Biden has done the country. His ‘accomplishments’ include:

• A wide-open southern border that resulted in the influx of millions of invaders from all over the world. Traitor Joe calls them ‘newcomers.’ Joe actually flew in illegal aliens on passenger jets—on the taxpayer dime, of course. Americans must now deal with more drugs, rampant crime, and higher taxes.

• Joe has led us to the precipice of World War Three. He and his Democrats have an irrational hatred of Putin. Or maybe it’s the fact they profit from kickbacks when they fund wars around the world.

•  Inflation has made food unaffordable to a great many Americans. His woke, “Bidenomics” economy is a joke. Joe is not smart enough to understand the economy.

• Biden’s ‘new green deal’ has been a colossal disaster. People have figured it out—electric vehicles are a flop. Windmills and solar cannot replace oil and gas.

• Biden has gone after whistleblowers, conservative journalists, and MAGA-minded protestors. He wants them in leg irons and facing long prison sentences. Let’s hope Assange can outlast Joe.

• Joe and his functionaries are making censorship acceptable. He will smear anyone who disagrees with the ‘official’ lies as being spreaders of ‘misinformation or disinformation.’ Disagreeing with corrupt government should be illegal, doncha know. Joe also wants our guns. His attacks on our Bill of Rights are relentless.

• Biden’s evil forces want to divide families. They seem obsessed with grooming kids, turning them ‘trans’ and funding their sex changes. Joe says parents should have no say.

• Joe has decimated our military and destroyed its morale by making soldiers salute the LBGTQ flag while jabbing them with deadly vaccines. They wonder why they can’t attract new recruits.

• Speaking of vaccines, Joe pushed a Covid shot that killed and injured millions. He promised it would prevent recipients from contracting Covid and prevent its spread. It did neither.

• Joe promised to unite the country but he seems hell-bent on dividing it along race, sex, party, and class lines. Like Hillary, he has vilified all Trump supporters.

• Biden cares more about the climate change hoax than the American people—he wants citizens to suffer by taking away their combustion engine cars, gas stoves, and air conditioners. 

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Joe Biden is an arch criminal. He’s corrupt to the marrow, but he was ruled mentally unfit to go to trial. Like all Democrats, he can do whatever he wants and he will get away with it. The Deep State Swamp (including the FBI) will protect him. He knows he can sell us out to Communist China and face zero consequences. Joe is a globalist—a senile version of Klaus Schwab. I’m sure he’ll be touting bug ice cream if he gets a second term.

Joe promised he would serve only one term—but he lied. He always lies! The Democrats are now stuck with Biden and they know he has accomplished nothing but destruction. Therefore they will also lie—and loudly—maybe even profanely. Keith Olbermann and ‘Morning Joe’ have been lying aggressively and angrily lately. They are desperate. Don’t carelessly light a match around the corporate, leftist media because their gaslighting will only get gassier as the year goes on. They will tell you the economy is booming and inflation is going down. They will try to convince you that Biden is one of the sharpest presidents ever! They’ll dismiss the poll numbers as Republican propaganda. They’ll rekindle the Russia Russia Russia lie, which seems to be precious to them. They will label Trump’s supporters as “Putin puppets.”

The illegitimate Biden administration put up fencing around the Capitol building in preparation for the SOTU speech. Looks like ‘walls’ work.

Get ready for more and more outrageous and aggressive lies—you’ll hear plenty during Biden’s speech tonight.

— Ben Garrison

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