I was on a Reddit AMA yesterday and one of the questioners asked me about vaccines and where I stood. I replied I’d never get another vaccine—not after what I’ve found out about them and the corruption that has taken place between big government, big pharma, and the CDC. 

I’m not alone. There are many strong, qualified voices out there who are speaking out against vaccine abuse and the corruption. The globalists and their corporate media propagandists are now doing their best to silence such voices. They are censoring vaccine protestors on YouTube and Facebook. Google is making sure anti-vax material is buried in searches. Big pharma representatives are paid millions to spread pro-vaccine propaganda, while avoiding debate. The big pharma forces prefer censorship. They make unilateral statements such as, ‘The science is settled,’ when in fact it’s anything but. When power and money come together, corruption occurs and science is not immune.

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In Australia, debate is being stifled. Authoritarians there are making sure vaccine questioners aren’t even allowed into the country. In a way, Australia has become a test case for the globalists. Free speech is censored. Guns have been grabbed. People are told to obey big government, otherwise they’re accused of ‘hate speech.’ This must not be allowed to stand and there are many people pushing back against such totalitarian thinking. They want the freedom to question what globalists such as Bill Gates and George Soros are pushing. They are our new super heroes and that’s why I drew them here as the “Australian Freedom Force.”

If the globalists can break Australia, they will be encouraged to redouble their efforts and do the same to America. They want mandatory vaccination and without our guns, we will not have the means to resist.

—Ben Garrison

For great resources on this issue, please check the following sites:



www.icandecide.org and www.focusforhealth.org

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