The Dome Of War

Cartoon published 10/14/2023

Israel has a defense system known as the ‘Iron Dome,’ which fires missiles to destroy incoming rockets. About 90 percent effective, it doesn’t deter terrorist groups from firing such rockets. Israel’s dome can’t compete with the ‘Dome of War.’ We’re seeing it in action right now. Here are some things that cannot penetrate that dome:


Trump recently commented that Hezbollah was ‘very smart.’ Outrage instantly rained down from the corporate media as well as politicians on both sides of the aisle as the media took it out of content.  Trump was not trying to compliment the leaders of Hezbollah—he was merely saying something that is true. He also said President Xi was smart. It’s acknowledging reality, but the Dome of War tends to discourage an alignment with reality. 

Similarly, many at the US far-left universities are anti-Semitic. They actually praised Hamas and defended Palestine. They were met with similar outrage and many students who dared to voice their support of Palestine were threatened. The powers that be wanted to make sure such students never receive employment once they graduated. This is anti-free speech measure. I’ve said a lot of stupid things in college that I regret, and I know what it feels like to be threatened because I used my free speech. Some on the left told me they’d make sure I got fired. It was disturbing, but I was self-employed. Still, I lost a lot of commercial work due to their reaction to my cartoons. The ability to make a living should not depend on having politically correct opinions. 

We must remain free to discuss what’s going on in Israel. It doesn’t mean we support ’the terrorists.’ We should be able to question why Israel failed to detect the massive attack. Apparently Egypt warned them. Our own intelligence operations should have known, but I guess they’re too busy spying on Trump-supporting Americans.

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Hamas and their Palestinian supporters don’t ever seem to learn their lesson. Their goal is to drive all Jews out of the territory and into the sea. They do not recognize Israel—instead they claim the Jews are ‘occupiers’ who need to be eliminated completely from Palestine. Anyone who knows a bit of history has learned that Jews have always lived there—they’ve certainly been there a lot longer than Islam has existed. The Jews could rightly claim that Israel existed long before anyone heard of Palestine—and if anyone needs to be driven to the sea it’s the Muslims. Israel won’t do that because they are far more civilized than Hamas. 

If one could go back in time and warn the Romans not to fall into the trap at Cannae, I doubt they would still go ahead and allow Hannibal’s forces to destroy 50,000 of their men. If someone warned Hamas not to keep making the same mistake of attacking Israel, they would ignore it and keep doing that very same thing—even though it means the death of thousands of Palestinians! Palestinian terrorists are so brainwashed by hate that they can’t learn the lessons of their own history. Herodotus would be wincing.


After the monstrous attack on Israeli civilians—including children, the corporate media did not care much about honest reporting. They cared about beating the war drums as loudly as they could. Mark Levin’s already high voice reached an even higher pitch. He could have exploded a wine glass. Loudmouth Sean Hannity and his tough-talking sidekick and chicken hawk, Lindsey Graham, all demanded more US aid to Israel—both in the form of billions of US tax dollars as well as munitions. Something is not logical with this, though—but similar to suppressing free speech, one is not supposed to apply logic to the situation—only the emotion of anger, which everyone knows can be leveraged to further the goals of the powerful. (Think of 9-11).

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America is already sending Israel $3 billion annually and it was actually codified into law. They are a prosperous, industrious, and smart nation, but apparently they need constant help from the US. They should be able to take care of themselves, but the war means we must send them even more. Israel is NOT our 51st state, even though many US politicians hold dual citizenship. (Maybe the US is Israel’s subsidiary.) What beggars logic is the Biden administration has also sent Hamas many millions of dollars in ‘aid.’ Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan meant Hamas got US weapons from the Taliban! Even worse, it is said that Ukraine has sold arms they received from US to Hamas. To make matters still worse, Biden has sent Iran many billions of dollars! Funding both sides of the war is not logical. 

Do not dare employ logic and reason, though—you need only to stay mad! What Hamas did was abhorrent. End of story. Don’t look deeper—just do as your told! The war mongers want to leverage what happened and get us into a war against Iran. Israel wants that war too, but they need US help. A nuclear-armed Iran is too much of a threat to them. It can be argued that this may be why the far-right Netanyahu ‘allowed’ the attack by Hamas.

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The Dome of War repels the desire for peace. Any Palestinian that proposed peace will most likely be assassinated. Don’t you dare talk about peace! Jihad!
There can be no peace with people who have been so thoroughly brainwashed to hate Israel. To be sure, the Palestinians will soon be crying for another ceasefire to buy them time. They will portray themselves as victims. Critics will urge that Israel ‘go easy’ on Palestinian civilians while Hamas terrorists shield themselves by hiding in schools and hospitals. (They would use their own children as human shields if they could). The terrorists possess neither honor nor dignity. Only hate. Peace stands little chance with such people.

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This doesn’t mean Palestine won’t negotiate to buy time. In the year 2000, it looked like Clinton would make a landmark achievement by hammering out a peace deal between Israel and the leader of the Palestinians, Yasser Arafat. I followed the developments and it struck me that Israel was doing its best to settle a deal that favored Palestine. Peace seemed to be at hand. But no, Arafat changed his mind! He wanted ALL the Jews out of the region. I remember hearing him barking, “Jihad, Jihad, Jihad!” Arafat bought time for the terrorists to regroup and attack again.


The War Dome prevents empathy and understanding between the combatants. Both sides paint their enemies as inhuman monsters. It happened in the US when nuclear bombs were dropped on innocent men, women, and children in Japan. If there’s one thing that’s especially not allowed within the Dome of War, it’s empathy. Love is not allowed, only war.

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International Humanitarian Law supposedly regulates conduct during armed conflict. The Geneva Convention established these laws and Israel is expected to follow them. Hamas, of course, does not. They are murderers who have no problem attacking Israeli schools or killing Jewish babies. Israel has every right to destroy Hamas, but that means destroying a great many so-called ‘innocent’ Palestinians as well. We are already hearing how Israel’s strikes should be ‘proportional.’ This is music to Palestinian ears. It means that they will be allowed to recover, regroup, and strike Israel again and again.

All of this only underscores our Founding Father’s very sound advice: Avoid foreign entanglements. 

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