Mitch McConnell, The Democrat Water Boy

Cartoon published 02/29/2024

Mitch McConnell announced that he will be resigning from his Senate leadership position, but not until November.

While his announcement triggered celebration from the America First crowd, we at GrrrGraphics ask…why wait til November? Step down NOW, Mitch—why wait? At 82 years of age, you’re not getting any younger. Oh, but we almost forgot…he moves slowly because after all, he’s known as ‘The Turtle.’

McConnell will give up his leadership roll, but he plans on serving out the rest of his senate term which ends in 2027. Mitch will be 85 then. Judging by his declining health, will he even make it to the end of his term? It’s ridiculous how these geriatrics ‘serve’ in office until they drop dead. Maybe it’s because they like the power and self-enrichment. We need term limits!  Mitch has had multiple ‘freezing’ events involving a blank stare into space lasting many seconds. One time his aides for forced to whisk him away from the podium. Like Joe Biden and the late Senator Feinstein, Mitch’s senior moments are now commonplace and expected. He should step down and completely retire from the Senate.

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Mitch, as a Uni-party RINO, has carried the water for the Democrats for decades. He was elected to the Senate in 1984, when the US debt was $1.572 trillion. Under his long watch it’s now $34 trillion. Some conservative, huh? He’s one of many Republicans who stabbed Trump in the back. Meanwhile, Fox News has been praising Mitch up and down, leaving us shaking our heads in disagreement. Fox news is controlled by the Uni-party, so that is to be expected. 

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said “better days are ahead for the Republican Party” after McConnell’s announcement. Congressman Bob Good chimed in with, “Mitch McConnell stepping down provides a great opportunity for true conservative leadership in the Senate. Senator Rick Scott would make a great Republican leader.”

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An better choice would be Senator Rand Paul. A true Constitutionalist and America first warrior, Rand has the experience and the iron will to lead the Senate.

Senator John Cornyn (TX) has thrown his hat in the ring for the leadership position.

We don’t need another Uni-Party RINO Republican leader whose main concern is preserving the Swamp and carrying water for the Marxist Democrats.

— The GrrrTeam

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