Durham Report Proves Russia Collusion Was A Hoax

Cartoon published 05/16/2023

Based on the evidence (or lack thereof), Special Prosecutor John Durham has concluded what many of us have known all along. The Trump/Russia collusion narrative was a hoax.

The witch hunt against Trump cost the nation nearly $50 million dollars. Trump had to endure needless harassment throughout his presidency. Who is to blame? Many in the Democrat Party, but most of the blame lies squarely in the wide lap of Hillary Clinton. She was devastated when she lost to the underdog Trump—even though there was a concerted effort by Obama’s forces, the media, and the FBI to rig the election in Clinton’s favor. Hillary may have started the big lie to cover up her own dirty deeds with Russia, including the Uranium One scandal.

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Clinton paid for the Steele Dossier (a pack of vicious lies) and hinted Trump was using a certain bank to receive backdoor payments from Putin. Hillary is a despicable liar and traitor who had a ‘pay for play’ server in her home with top secret information on it. Anyone could hack it. In an obvious act of obstruction of justice, Hillary ‘bleached’ the server and smashed cell phones with a hammer. James Comey, the head of the FBI exonerated Hillary, something he was not entitled to do. Then again, his association with the Clintons goes way back. Comey helped the Clintons avoid prosecution during the Whitewater scandal. He was rewarded with a multi-million dollar job as vice president at Lockheed Martin. Obama appointed him to the FBI, where he helped politicize the agency.

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Many Democrats took the lie and ran with it. The traitor Obama used the scandal as an excuse to spy on Trump. We endured the lefty media constantly talking about ’the walls closing in’ on Trump, but in the end, there was no evidence. Adam Schiff kept claiming he had proof of Russia colluding with trump, but he had nothing. Schiff is a liar.

Special Counsel Investigator Robert Mueller’s findings were a huge disappointment to Democrats. There was no there there. John Durham revealed the truth—the CIA and FBI are politicized and unaccountable to the American people. They do whatever they like including influencing our elections—and they get away with it. Peter Strzok stated the FBI would ’stop Trump’ from getting elected. He was later rewarded with a TV contract. Likewise with John Brennan, former head of the CIA. People such as James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, blatantly lied to Congress. He was rewarded with accolades and a big pension.

Durham proved just how rotten and corrupt the Democrat leaders are and how disgraceful the FBI has become. (The CIA has always been a disgrace).

Will heads roll? Will anyone be held responsible? I doubt it. The Democrats enjoy immunity, thanks to the Deep State Swamp rigging everything in their favor. There is no longer equal treatment under the law. Our Republic is gone. In its stead, we have tyrants who will keep performing criminal acts because they know they can. The FBI should be broken up (the CIA, too) but they are useful to the Democrat Party. They serve as the muscle. They are agents of fear and intimidation. Things will get worse unless Trump gets elected, but even then he will have his hands full. I have no doubt the Democrats will start a new witch hunt and use new lies to remove him from office.

— Ben Garrison*

*On the eve of his surgery Ben stayed up and did this cartoon because it was such important breaking news. This confirms what we have been saying for four years- the Russia Collusion story was a hoax by the Deep State to frame President Trump.

Please send your prayers today for Ben to recover from his medical issue and continue to draw the cartoons you love!