If the Republicans can somehow regain the purse strings, they need to defund and abolish the IRS.

I keep going back to a paperback book I read four decades ago: The Screwing Of The Average Man: How the Rich Get Richer And You Get Poorer,” by David Hapgood. That book is long out of print, but it made quite an impression on me right after I graduated from college.

Mostly, I realized that nobody is looking out for the poor and middle class. Not lawyers, not bankers, not doctors, not car salesmen, and especially not politicians. Oh sure, they all pretend to care, but they know the average man lacks the protection enjoyed by the rich and powerful. The average man is fair game. He can’t afford tax lawyers and accountants, for example. It’s why Joe Biden’s newly created 87,000-strong army of IRS auditors will come after small businesses and those barely getting by.

Not only are they coming after the poor and middle class, they will be arriving well-armed. The IRS recently spent $750,000 on ammunition alone. Sure, the biased sources from Internet searches will tell you that weapons are reserved for serious criminal activity only, but I’ve read stories about small businesses getting harassed. A family-owned restaurant, for example, was raided and IRS agents had their guns drawn. The IRS could not find any serious transgression that justified such a military-style attack.

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Joe Biden (not my president) made the worst speech ever by a president (not our president). He spewed hate toward MAGA Republicans—all Trump supporters were basically called insurrectionists. That’s right, millions of hard-working, patriotic citizens were smeared as traitors by Biden. Who do you think the IRS agents will be going after?

The now retired IRS head Louis Lerner already created the template. Under orders from Obama, she harassed conservative organizations with audits and she faced no consequences. She got her large salary and then generous retirement pension. Her successor, Charles Retting, will ramp up investigations aimed not only at ordinary Americans, but at Trump supporters in particular.

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The 2020 presidential election was stolen for Joe Biden. The evidence is overwhelming. Pelosi punished and locked up those who naturally wanted to protest. The protest at the Capitol was peaceful. Pelosi made sure the FBI enticed those protestors into the Capitol Dome. She and Biden later lied and said they were ‘armed insurrectionists.’ Those protestors were then tossed into the slammer, where they suffered terrible treatment—and they still are. If Pelosi didn’t hesitate to punish Trump supporters, can we expect any sympathy from Biden? Of course not. He wants to make sure we all suffer, hence he’s ordered up mass IRS harassment. 


The IRS doesn’t need to rake in more tax revenue. The Federal Reserve prints all the money the Democrats demand. It’s not possible to pay back the National Debt. The purpose of the IRS is to keep us broke and living in fear. The Democrats are now ramping up that fear. “Lunch bucket” Joe pretends to be a man of the middle class, but he could not care less about average Americans. He serves his banker masters and then looks for ways to game the system for his personal benefit. The old pedophile and liar knows the IRS will be screwing average Trump supporters and he relishes the thought.

If the Republicans can somehow regain the purse strings, they need to defund and declaw the IRS.

— Ben Garrison


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