It’s Time For Hillary to Disappear

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Becoming the first woman president has been Hillary’s life-long dream. She was almost elected in 2016, but the country dodged a bullet.

The glass ceiling broke her. She was defeated by Trump, a man who had not previously held political office. Hillary pitched a fit and threw a very expensive bottle of champaign into a gigantic and very expensive TV screen. Hillary would not lose gracefully. She would not accept the results and became an ‘election denier.’ (She later attacked election deniers when Biden stole the election). She spent millions of dollars on the lying Steele Dossier and then taxpayers were forced to cough up about $40 million to disprove her traitorous ‘Russia Russia Russia! lies.

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There’s no way around it. Hillary Clinton is a despicable human being. Her mentor was the far-left radical and anti-America Saul Alinsky, who advised his comrades to pull any dirty trick to obtain power. Hillary did just that.

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I fully expected Hillary to run again in 2020. I halfway expected her to run again in 2024. Perhaps she didn’t because she has finally realized how nearly everyone despises her. The only way she could win is if she could somehow remove all of her bad traits. That got me to thinking—she has no good traits! She personifies evil and if one removed all of her negative traits, she would simply disappear.

Hillary continues to give interviews and keep in the news in order to somehow stay relevant. Before the attack on Israel, Hillary made headlines when she called for Trump’s supporters to be locked up and deprogrammed. Hillary wants to get even with nearly half of the population. The Hildebeast needs to go away and relish her mansions and vast fortune derived from her pay-per-play corruption. The Clinton Foundation amassed a fantastic amount of riches and almost none of it went to charity. Remember how they promised to help the Haitian earthquake? Millions of dollars rolled into the Clinton coffers and nothing went to the Haitians. Remember when she stole items from the White House? That’s Hillary. She has been rotten from the get-go. Remember when a young Hillary got fired for lying during the Watergate hearings? Yet the grifter Clintons still expect to be honored and praised.

And now Hillary has reached a new level of rottenness. Stalin like, she wants Trump supports rounded up (by the Democrat-owned FBI?) and sent to gulags for ‘reprogramming.’

It’s time for Hillary to vanish into the dustbin of history before she can do more damage.

— Ben Garrison

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