Steamboat Willie Sails To Epstein Island

Cartoon published 01/03/2023

Mickey Mouse is now in the public domain, which means Walt Disney’s original character is no longer subject to copyright. This doesn’t apply to the modern Mickey, but rather the very early one—“Steamboat Willie.”

So we decided to draw a cartoon to take advantage of that opportunity. On second thought, an editorial cartoon utilizes something called ‘fair use,’ which means it has always been OK for us to use it. In fact, we have drawn stuff owned by Disney before—again, fair use allows us to use it to convey opinions. It’s part of free speech.

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Sexually abusing children is not free—it’s definitely against the law and it’s why Jeffrey Epstein ended up in prison, where he was murdered.

Epstein sexually abused underaged girls at his mansion in Florida. The pretense was ‘getting a massage.’ Epstein owned an island in the US Virgin Islands called “Little St. James Island,” also known notoriously as “Pedophile Island.” There, Epstein considered himself a king, or god. He even constructed a golden-domed temple where he could better worship his own gigantic ego and capacious lust. After Epstein died, the FBI quickly raided the island and accumulated (or destroyed) a lot of evidence. After all, many of the rich and powerful went there for ‘massages’.

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Epstein’s long-time friend and partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, helped located the young girls and kept a secret log book of Epstein’s friends and patrons. Many famous people visited Epstein and his island of ill repute. Now it looks like the release of those names have been delayed once again to mid-January.  ‘Jane Doe 107’ wanted an extension to submit evidence of ‘hate mail and physical harm’. Sounds like just another ruse to keep the client list from going public.

One thing we know for sure is Bill Clinton’s name was listed many times in the island’s flight logs—he flew to the place over two dozen times. There is a photo that shows Bill getting massaged by a teenage girl just before he left on Epstein’s “Lolita Express.” It’s funny how the left always brings up Trump for having been on the flight log, but he never went to the island. Many years ago he accepted Epstein’s offer of a favor and so he flew from New York City to Florida on Jeffrey’s private jet. Trump stopped having anything to do with Epstein once he knew what his fellow billionaire had been up to—but Bill Clinton kept on going to “Pedophile Island” no matter what. The Democrats ignore this and keep trying to link Trump to Epstein’s behavior.

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Bill Clinton already got away with a lot when he was in the White House. He thought he was another JFK or something. Hillary was his enabler. The press gave ‘Slick Willie’ a pass for his sex drive, just like they did JFK— but Bill’s association with Epstein and all of those island visits are a far more serious matter. What he did at the island is not a mere ‘Mickey Mouse’ transgression.

This is a developing story- Stay Tooned!

UPDATE:  First Names on Jeffrey Epstein List Expected to be Released Today, Wednesday January 3rd.

— The GrrrTeam

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