Jon Tester Fails The Test

Cartoon published 12/06/2023

Election season is rolling back around and once again we Montanans are being peppered with commercials pushing Democrat Jon Tester for Senate everywhere we look.

Tester has his campaign strategy down to a ’t’. He looks like a poor country farmer and he attacks the millionaire class, yet he himself is a multimillionaire. He spends most of his time in a fancy mansion in Washington D.C. where you can bet he doesn’t wear overalls.

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Of course, the Democrats would dearly love to see their comrade get reelected. Their Senate majority hangs by a thread. Montana’s other Senator is Steve Daines, a Republican. It’s natural for Montana to have Republican Senators. After all, ‘The Treasure State’ is a red state.

Yet Jon is good at raking in votes because he presents himself as a dyed-in-the-wool Montana. He’a farmer and rancher and he can be seen in his commercials riding on tractors or driving well-worn trucks. He shows hunters and fly fisherman in his ads. Tester, who misses three fingers on his left hand, claims to represent “Montana values.”

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Yet when he gets to Washington D.C. he aligns himself more with the policies of Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Both of them help fund his campaigns—especially Hillary. You might even say she bought his loyalty. Tester has voted with Biden’s position 91 percent of the time so far during his presidency. 

Tester, like most Democrats, approves of abortion, Obama Care, and open borders. He voted to put radicals on the Supreme Court, and he voted against Trump’s conservative appointees. To his credit, Tester wanted to repeal the unpatriotic “Patriotic Act” and he favored the Keystone Pipeline.

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Still, Montana can do better than Tester because Jon Tester Fails The Test.

 — Ben Garrison

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