Ramaswamy Shoots himself in the foot, but then does the Right thing  Tina Toon

Cartoon published 01/16/2023  This cartoon was created before Ramaswamy dropped out and endorsed Trump…

President Donald J. Trump won the Iowa caucus last night in a massive landslide. After 30 minutes both FoxNews and CNN called the race for Trump.

Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy both ended up with egg on their faces. Vivek made a huge miscalculation the day before the Iowa caucus when he tried to play a Jedi mind trick on Trump supporters. “This is not the vote you are looking for…to save Trump, vote Vivek.” Unfortunately for Ramaswamy, he isn’t close to being a Jedi, and all Vivek accomplished was the anger he received from the MAGA base. Vivek, like Ron DeSantis, both shot themselves in the foot. MAGA has a very long memory and this may send both men’s ambitions for 2028 into the trash bin. Nikki Haley alienated Trump and his supporters along time ago.

The massive Iowa landslide for President Trump sends a signal to everyone still campaigning: Get out of the way and endorse President Trump or get run over.

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DeSantis and Ramaswamy just got ran over. They both should bow out gracefully, endorse Trump and unite the base so we can get to the most important part and that is defeating and destroying Biden/Obama and the communist Democrats in November.

And right on cue, Vivek has dropped out of the Presidential race and has endorsed  President Trump. Vivek is a smart man, he did the right thing. We are cautiously optimistic about his future.

We at GrrrGraphics are proud to endorse President Trump as the GOP candidate for President. Trump is the only candidate out there with the experience, strength, and knowledge to defeat the globalists, drain the Deep State Swamp, close the southern border, end pointless wars, and save America.

According to Nikki Haley this is a ‘two person race.” ????

The people are with President Trump and together we will win.

—The Grrr-Team

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