The Uneven Playing Field

Cartoon published 09/01/2023

Football season is kicking off and the Deep State Swamp wants Trump kicked off the field.

Donald Trump is a winning choice as the GOP nominee. The question is, will the opposing team even allow him to compete? It seems like a rigged game. The referees support the Democrats. Biden is allowed to move the goal post. Old Joe had documents in his garage, but did the FBI raid his home or his office near the University of Pennsylvania? Of course not.

Not only that, Trump must also overcome the traitors in his own party. RINOs such as Pence, Christie, and Romney. Mostly, Trump must avoid tackles while navigating an uneven playing field put in place by the DC Swampers. Everything is rigged against Donald Trump becoming President again—and Trump knows those Xs and Os all too well.

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The criminal, corrupt, and permanent DC swamp has run every trick play they have at Trump. From the false start of impeachments (one and two,) to the “Hail Mary” plays of indictments (one, two, three and four.) Those who are trying to run down Trump, such as Jack Smith, play dirty.

What is next, throwing more laundry at Trump as he executes his winning play on election day? I can hear Merrick Garland bleating, “Personal Foul…Unnecessary roughness! Trump is ejected from the game!”

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We The People need to closely watch the game and somehow stop the D.C. Swampers from cheating and stealing the game. 

Meanwhile, on to Super Bowl 2024!

—The GrrrTeam

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