The Walls Are Closing In On Biden

Cartoon published 06/18/2023

It’s not looking good for Joe Biden. Despite the mainstream propaganda media bashing RFK Jr. as some kind of nut job, he continues to make gains on Joe in the polls.

Despite Biden’s use of dirty banana republic tactics of arresting one’s political opponent, President Trump remains well ahead of Joe in the polls.

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Biden continues to be on the wrong side of, well, everything. He’s a warmonger who wants to send endless billions in taxpayer dollars to a corrupt Ukraine regime. Joe may even trigger a nuclear war. Meanwhile, it’s obvious that Joe and his son Hunter are arch criminals and traitors who have sold out America to all takers. By means of a string of fake shell companies, Joe has accumulated millions of dollars in bribes. He was also caught with classified documents in his garage and elsewhere. Naturally, nothing happens to him because our country is no longer a constitutional republic.

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Joe claims ‘America is a nation of pride.’ Apparently Biden wants everyone to turn gay or trans. Well Joe, America is sick of the anti-Christian trannies and perverted groomers coming after kids and their private parts. America is sick of you.

Joe claims children belong to all of us. He said, “There is no such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children. They’re not somebody else’s children.” The ‘somebody else’ he impugns are families. Children belong to families—not YOU Joe…you evil hair sniffing child molester.

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Joe is on the side of globalism. Joe is on the side of the Cloward-Piven strategy that is bringing about the destruction of America.

Joe caused inflation and higher food prices. Joe wants to take away your guns. Joe wants to end your free speech. Joe is on the side of green energy that hurts the environment and destroys the economy. Joe is in favor of open borders, which allow all sorts of invaders to pour in and destroy our country. Joe is a demented old criminal who says non-sequitur things such as ‘God save the queen, man.’

The walls are closing in on Joe. It would be great to see Biden lose the Democrat Party nomination to RFK Jr. Since the party is rigged, that may not happen. In which case it will be great to see Biden lose to Trump.

We need to make sure they don’t rig the election again.

— Ben Garrison

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We are fundraising for 2023, You can also keep GrrrGraphics online with a purchase!  Visit our Best sellers! Click now!

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