Joe Biden Is Unfit To Be President

Cartoon published 02/09/2024

“Biden is too cognitively impaired to be charged with a crime, but he’s not too cognitively impaired to be the Commander-in-Chief?” — Wesley Hunt, Texas

Special Counsel Robert Hur released his report concerning the top secret documents that were illegally stashed in Joe Biden’s garage. The report concluded that no criminal charges were warranted in the matter because Joe’s mental acuity has deteriorated to the point where he would be unfit for trial. it was determined Joe did violate the law when he kept and disseminated some of the top secret information. Let’s face it—Joe is a grifter and kept those top secret documents so he could sell them later. We already know he cashed in on secret documents that were stored at his ‘Biden Center’ office at the University of Pennsylvania, which were most likely sold to Chinese nationals.


Like Hillary Clinton, Joe is a traitor who committed grave wrongdoings. Since he’s on a Democrat, he gets a pass. It’s another example of our weaponized, two-tiered justice system, thanks to radical Democrats. Comey claimed Hillary meant well, and so she got a pass. (The J6 protestors meant well, too but some got prison sentences for as long as a decade). Joe was declared mentally incompetent in the report, so he too got a pass. He could not remember which year his vice presidency began and ended. He could not remember the year when his son, Beau Biden, died.

It appears the Democrats have no problem citing Joe’s mental deterioration when it can be used to their advantage. They had to come up with a viable excuse for Joe’s criminal conduct, after all. Now that the crisis is past, their media will probably forget all about it and move on and maybe even praise him for his mental sharpness. But first, Joe’s narcissism was activated and so he had to conduct an emergency press conference to clear his sullied name. He was angry and defensive. He came across as an old man who had kids run across his lawn. Get off my lawn!

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Biden predictably and loudly stated his innocence—Joe never does anything wrong! He certainly didn’t spill information from the documents (the report proved that he did). Biden, when under pressure, always spews lies. He blamed his staff for the documents being in his garage. He angrily denounced the part about him forgetting when Beau died. Of course he remembered! He said he always carried a rosary owned by Beau, but then he couldn’t remember the church.

In “The Godfather II,” Fredo betrayed his family. Joe has betrayed his country. Fredo was not smart enough to be a leader in his family and Joe lacks the mental ability to lead the country. He should resign immediately. If not, Congress should invoke the 25th Amendment. After all, the Counsel’s report itself determined Joe to be mentally incompetent. He cannot remember basic facts, yet he carries the nation’s nuclear football—Joe is dangerous.

Kamala waits in the boat laughing.

— Ben Garrison

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