The Yearly Humiliation Ritual

Cartoon published 04/14/2024

It’s that time of year again—TAX TIME! Make sure you fill out all the forms correctly. You’d better not take that risky deduction—you might get audited! You definitely don’t want well-armed IRS agents showing up at your door. You might have your wages and bank accounts garnished. You might end up in prison. If you resist, you may get murdered! Be afraid!

Cartoon from 2021

People think the Income Tax is necessary to keep the government running and services flowing. Nope.

This country got along just fine without such a pernicious tax for over 100 years. The Income Tax was instituted as a means of control by means of fear. Congress can spend as much as they like—and they do. The Federal Reserve can issue endless debt dollars to the government and their cronies—and they do. We have a $34 trillion debt that need not exist. Congress can print debt-free money if they wanted to….but no, we have a sick, immoral system of money—and its heart of darkness is the IRS.

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The 13th Amendment freed the slaves, but the 16th Amendment has enslaved us all. If you work for a living, your labor is exchanged for money. That transaction involves no profit. It’s a straight-up trade. Yet the IRS wants treats it as some sort of windfall and they demand they get a big cut. It’s not a fair or apportioned tax—it’s outright theft.

Tax preparation and income tax computer program companies air commercials that make it seem like tax preparation is an exciting game. Aren’t you glad you’re able to play? The yearly ritual is like Halloween or the Super Bowl — It’s fun! Yet most of us know the reality. It’s a humiliation ritual. If we resist, men with guns could show up on our doorstep to take us away. We are not the home of the brave. We’re the land of the fearful! To make the humiliation even more insulting, they tell us the Income Tax is ‘voluntary. Yeah. Sure. Try not volunteering…men with guns may show up and take your stuff. To be sure, the IRS is probably overwhelmed by lower-income citizens who refuse to file or pay. That’s why the fear is key—it keeps us playing the game.

Cartoon form 2015

Joe Biden and his Marxist Democrats have created tens of thousands of new IRS positions. Joe says they are needed to go after billionaires, who need to ‘pay their fair share.’ Whatever that is. Billionaires use high-powered accountants and tax lawyers. The IRS is not match for them. Same with millionaires. What Joe really wants to do is further crush the middle class and small businesses. He know they can’t afford tax lawyers—they are easy targets.


A vile institution such as the IRS won’t go away—ever. The power hungry in charge need it to keep us in line. For those brave enough to resist such as Irwin Schiff who died in prison while in shackles…well, they are heroes. 

— Ben Garrison

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