Forget Obama's threatened 'Red Line.' He already stands in a line of blood. He has illegally started wars and now ...

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Who Runs Barter Town? Master Blaster!

 Obama should be impeached, but instead he continues his power grab. He's a liar and a fraud, but he won't ...

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Sleeping Giant finally wakes up

In "Gulliver's Travels," the main character finds himself roped down by Lilliputians. Government was originally intended to be small and ...

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Secretary of Defense Panetta recently told Congress he doesn't need their approval for war. This is, of course, grossly unconstitutional. Indeed, it is ...

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Fool-Aid,  A Tina Toon

Obama has been serving up "Hope and Change" drinks for years now. Many are finding that they no longer taste good. ...

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The Liar in Chief, Obama

UPDATE: 1/28/18 Clint Eastwood said one day we will realize that "President Obama was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on ...

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