It’s Mourning in America

The always reliable CNN linked to Aaron Sorkin’s letter of comfort to his daughter. That is, he reassured her that ...

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Trump’s Super Human Effort

​About a year ago, Bill Maher’s panel laughed when Donald Trump’s name was mentioned. They all seemed to think he ...

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It’s Your Choice, America Election 2016

Original Post Below from November 7, 2016.   ​Donald Trump is a builder. He makes progress. He accomplishes positive things. ...

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The Clinton Machine

The Clintons are perhaps the most corrupt political family in American history. The Bushes may be second, but even they ...

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Drain the Swamp

New Ben Garrison cartoon "Drain the Swamp" special appearances by John Podesta, Bill "Rapist" Clinton, Paul "Side Saddle" Ryan, and ...

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